The Prettiest Bride


You already probably know about my slight obsession with Andrej Pejic, and if you didn´t you do now. I never post magazine cover images but this time I have to. Check out the new cover of OUT magazine to see the pretty face. 
What a beautiful bride.
Už ste si pravdepodobne všimli že trochu dosť milujem Andreja Pejica.. no, minimalne si to všimnete teraz :) Normálne by som sem nedávala obálky časopisov, ale teraz mi nedá. Andrejova krásna tvár na obálke nového čísla OUT magazínu. 
Nádherná nevesta.


  1. to vazne, nikdy by som nepovedala ze to je muz...

  2. Hey lucia, Im loving your blog! We met Andrej at a party recently and thought of you, you would have died if you were there!! Miss you D xx

  3. najedu na Tvůj blog a kouká na mě můj oblíbený model(ka), milé! :)

  4. Ah, don´t don´t don´t and shut up! I´m emailing you right now, need to know more details!

    Oliver, to mám radosť :)

  5. Ha, he was wearing this outfit and there was some nipple exposure involved. Good you were not there, youd go mad. He was cool, prettier than other models there which was kinda weird though. When are you back in London?